Prince Harry without t-shirt at the secrect garden party

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I feel so bad because I'm going out of town for the last few days of July which means, unfortunately, because I know there won't be any internet, I won't be able to message you! So please don't think I've forgotten about you! I'm still waiting to August to reveal myself though! But anyway, did you see the Dane's pictures? I think they have some adorable kids in that family! Also, it's really exciting to hear that Harry could be promoted this year! I love that he is so dedicated to his work! XXSA

Oh nooooo! It’s okay! My new job is taking up a LOT of my time so I can wait!
YES I did!!
Sarah texted me in a hot mess because she loves the Danes! They are so adorable. Crown Princess Mary is so beautiful! And I love the children!! They are so cute and I just want to cuddle them all day! I do have a soft spot for the twins though!

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Sorry it's been a little while! I spent this evening at my friends party which was super fun! Actually, I think Sophie might be one of my favourite members of the BRF. She seems to be so hardworking and a genuinely sweet person. Also her kids are adorable. I bet she dotes on her little grand-nephew! XXXSA

Hey! Don’t worry about it, I’m glad you had fun!!
I LOOOOVE Sophie. She is adorable. And you just KNOW she sites on George! Did you see her after it was announced he’d been born?!
Cuteness personified!

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the vest is back…… nooooooooo.

fun fact: apparently the Secret Garden Party (the festival he’s attending) hired a fake Prince Harry- there was a tweet yesterday- and now the real Harry is there as well. 

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Major Harry Wales. Tell me that doesn’t sound just dreamy?


Major Harry Wales.

Major H. Wales

Mrs Major Harry Wales.

Mrs Sunny Wales.

This needs to happen.

HRH Princess Jessica of Ruttenberg at the Arendelle Wedding

Dress - Badgley Mischka
Earrings - Elizabeth Cole
Clutch - JC Penney
Shoes - Sergio Rossi
Ruttenberg Family Orders and Sash
The Meander Tiara

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HRH Princess Jessica of Ruttenberg at the Arendelle Pre-Wedding Concert

Dress - Custom
Clutch - Custom
Shoes - Alexander McQueen
Earrings - Custom
Bracelet - Custom

Prince Harry qualified for promotion to Major this year after 8 years service. Promotion, however, is competitive not automatic. —

Martin (WindsorEditor)/Twitter

Come on Harry! Smash the competition.

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Close ups of the official plaque unveiled by Prince Harry outside Westminster Abbey commemorating the marriage of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

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Prince Harry today at the cutty sark

HRH Prince Harry attended the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marines at Greenwich this evening. HRH met with injured personnel.
One Marine commented: “HRH is such an inspiration to us. He understands us as he himself has served for his country.”
The Royal Marines were very happy to see Harry at Greenwich this evening. — (via mycrarrythings)

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The Royal Trio + Checked Shirts

Erm…I’m not Harry. At all.
But hi anyways! :)