The Royal Trio + Checked Shirts

Erm…I’m not Harry. At all.
But hi anyways! :)

Good luck with the new job! I hop Harry was at the party, it didn't look very promising, but he might have already been there. Who knows. XXXSA

Thank you so much! I’m terrified but it’s children and I feel more comfortable around them than adults so fingers crossed.

You know, I said the same thing to Sarah (ohheythereroyals) and she made a post and people got all defensive. I kind of thought maybe he wasn’t there because even though he lives at the palace and it would’ve just been a short walk, someone would have tweeted. Oh well. I could be completely wrong. I personally don’t think he’d miss it but what do I know? I heard Sophie was there though and that made my day!!

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Hey! Are you celebrating George's birthday today?? The other two portraits were super cute, although I did want to see one with a butterfly on his nose! I honestly can't believe he is one already. It feels like he was born just yesterday!! XXXSA

I’m noooooot :( I was actually trying to sort myself out to start my job tomorrow!! I was very excited to see all those that had turned up for his party!!

He’s just adorable!! I had also thought a butterfly on his nose would be cute but then I saw that quote and thought he’d have been crying his eyes out if it had gone on his nose! The year has just gone so quick; I actually can’t believe it!

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Prince George’s first year in numbers for his first birthday ♚ 22.7.14

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Prince George + A Year of Official Portraits


It had been a long day; by each and every account. It had been a long day.  The sun had come early that morning, drawing them out into the heat of Brazil.  Maddie had watched as he dug a hole, as he planted a tree.  She had appreciated his muscles, playfully mocked his lack of hard labor and had even garnered some laughter when she offered to pitch in and help.  But he had tossed her that killer smile, that cheeky wink and she had clapped and wrapped her fingers around his tight, hot bicep. 

After that they had met with the cooks.  Harry had confessed his love for cooking while Maddie nodded appreciatively as she rubbed her belly; bringing knowing looks from around them.  When they both moved to try the food, they had warned her of the spices; not wanting to bring their baby any earlier than was meant.  But Maddie laughed, thanked them for their concern and dove right in.  It had been wonderful and she was only barely joking when she suggested they give her husband a quick lesson.

The children always did them in; always had and probably always would.  When they sat down with the children from the orphanage, when they listened to the stories they told, Maddie—in all of her pregnant emotional glory—couldn’t keep the tears from her eyes.  She had tried all of the old tricks she could remember from her former career, but she couldn’t stop them from welling up.  And as Libby handed her a nice, white hanky to dab at her eyes, Maddie’s eyes swung up to her husband’s and she could see.

It was taking all he had to keep it together.


He had been silent the entire ride back to their hotel.  The evening had gone smashingly; charming and conversational as always.  But the second the duty was over, he shut down.  She could see it happen; systematically.  They had hung on to listen to the last few notes from Thomas before they said goodnight to their crew and stepped into their cleared room.

Harry moved inside first, tugging off his tie and his coat before he had even taken three steps.  Maddie locked the door and turned to watch him.  He shed his day as he walked to the far side of the room, looking out over the city.  His coat, his tie, his watch and wallet and phone. 

And there he stood; his shirt untucked and half unbuttoned and his shoulders squared as he stopped in front of the windows and stared out.  Maddie was quiet as she made her way over to him.  Her hands moved to his shoulders; tight and stressed, sliding down his arms as they moved to wrap around him.  And as she pressed her forehead into his back, she felt the emotion from the day rush right back to them.

“I’m…”  She sniffed and took a breath.  “I’m so sorry.”

“Shhh…”  Harry shook his head, his hand moving over hers, lifting and pressing hers closer to his heart. 

“I am,” she whispered.  “Those kids…”  She shook her head.  “I can’t…”

“Just be here,” he held tighter to her.  “Right here.”

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OMG you are so pretty! Did you see George's new portrait? I thought it was so cute! I can't wait to see the next two!! XXXSA

Thank you!! It took a lot of persuasion from Sarah for me to put it up!

Isn’t he adorable!!!! Even my mum conceded he was a very cute baby, toddling all on his own!!! I can’t WAIT for the new ones tonight! Only an hour to gooooo!

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ravishingtheroyals replied to your photo “Because ohheythereroyals forced me to a day after everyone else….”

You’re so pretty Jess!

hehehe! That was after a lot of attempts! But I will gladly take the compliment


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Prince Harry smiled but didn’t raise his hand when teacher asked class who is on snapchat and twitter — (via windsors)
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Because ohheythereroyals forced me to a day after everyone else. Better late than never I guess

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Prince George + “I’m King of the world!”