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Sophie, Countess of Wessex has a new admirer, so much so that he wants a little piece of the Countess! The Countess of Wessex yesterday took part in the part in a musical play session in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. The Countess also visited Wittering Primary School and handed out medals and met with service personnel at the at RAF Wittering.

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RT @RE_DailyMail: Kate had hoped to mark the launch of a new project by her charity, The Art Room, in London. KP say she is hugely disappointed. #kate #royal —via (via katemiddletons)

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Wishing the Duchess of Cambridge well as she continues to battle hyperemesis gravidarum with pregnancy #RoyalBaby #CantRushTheseThings —via (via britishroyalstweets)

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Prince Harry walking outside and staring into the distance at people arriving for the Invictus Games opening ceremony. | September 10, 2014 [x]

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Yes this is our future king and his pregnant wife having a wand fight, may I also point out that if they have a boy he’ll be the half-blood prince.

ok they are the fucking coolest

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October 13, 2011

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Victoria “Tor” Inskip, whose wedding Prince Harry & William attended today, is the sister of Harry’s pal Tom “Skippy” Inskip. —HWW/Twitter (via shewolfofengland)


Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle at a meeting with representatives of SFI Sverige för Invandrare in Haga Park.

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48. How They Jumped All In (Part One)


Author’s Note: Okay, this is an important one.  I just wanted to say thank you for following, thank you for reading, thank you for messaging.  It truly means so much to me, more than I can express.  I’m pretty excited here because this has been in the works since the beginning.  Also, it would NOT have been possible without Jess ( maybeweshouldjustrunaway ) who is always there to answer my crazy texts even though we are on completely different timezones.  Thank you, darling. :) THANK YOU FOR READING!

Part One

Ba-boom ba-boom ba-boom

Anna’s eyes fluttered open, embracing the bright morning light that beamed down on the bed.  She sighed happily, her lips curving at the steady drumming of a heartbeat that roused her from a peaceful dream.  The bracelet that found home on her wrist less than 24 hours ago caught her eye and her smile widened at the engraved W that greeted her, remembering the H that was on his.

“You’re awake.” The vibration that rumbled under her ear sent shivers down her spine, chasing away the sleep her body still craved and replacing it with a hunger.  A hunger for him.

“You’re awake,” she echoed groggily.  Fingertips slowly ran down the bumps of her spine and Anna shifted to rub her nose against the tiny thin hairs she found on his chest.  She placed a soft kiss there and peered up at the grinning man that had given her the best birthday celebration just hours ago.  “How long?”

“Few minutes.”

“Mm..” Lifting her head up, she stretched up to meet his waiting lips in a slow, sweet kiss.  She couldn’t recall a time where she felt this complete and happy.  She didn’t know how he did it, how he could stir such emotions within her that she never thought were possible.  He made her believe, not only in herself but in them.  He made her believe in the power of love.

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I was tagged by bornafterbetrayal-phff and I’m only doing it again cause it’s her. So you should feel lucky Kate. Tag me again and I will ignore you. For this one anyway

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Jess, Shecca


13th September








Greenwich Mean Time

What time and date is it there?:

17:06 and it is the 26th September

Average hours of sleep I get at night:

Right now? about four and I completely blame Andrea

The last thing I googled was:

Kennington Park… surprisingly, Andrea is not to blame for that.

My most used words or phrases:

literally, I mean really?, okay whatever, cool, fine,

First word that came to mind:


What I said last to a family member:

Okay, baby. If Mummy gives you carrots again, tell her nicely that you don’t want them. Or tell Daddy. Okay, love you.

One place that makes me happy and why:

Let’s go for another place; anywhere where I’m on my own. Preferably by water

How many blankets do you sleep under?


Favourite beverages:

Tea/Vanilla Coke/fanta fruit twist

The last movie I watched at the cinema was:

I thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink it was when I went to see Maleficent…or A Million Ways to Die in the West.

What do you find attractive in the opposite sex:

intelligence, humour, the ability to know when to shut up, it helps if they look good too.

Three things you can’t live without:

my iPod and my phone

Something I plan on learning:

How much National Insurance tax is so that I don’t keep getting upset when I open my payslips. I actually now need to also learn about income tax because I thought I didn’t get taxed and I did but I’m not supposed to get taxed and I only realised today when I got £31.40 from The Queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

A piece of advice for my followers:

It hasn’t changed: Don’t be a hypocrite because people aren’t as naive as you may think

I tag ravishingtheroyals phff-onenight phff-wildwintersday justfriendsphff queendanes thequeenmothershat myroyallove and three other people (why can I never think of ten people when I get to this point?!) (and yeah, I tagged you already. I’m tagging you again. Deal with it!)

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